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Legacy Pointe has the full suite of capabilities to provide turnkey solutions or step in and remedy existing systems with specific enhancement needs. We have thousands..

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Legacy Pointe has the Small cell implementation capabilities with a full array of equipment and testing gear.  We are certified with SpiderCloud, and Whoop Small cell..

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With the Internet of Things (IoT) being at hand, the network is everything. Bandwdith, security, mobility, scalability:  are only but a few of the many concerns related to designing..

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RF Services

Turnkey Engineering and Consulting Services:

  • Radio Frequency Prediction and Interference Analysis

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Who we serve


Legacy Pointe Telecommunications provides end-to-end services for all regional and national wireless telecommunications carriers. We employ industry professionals that can perform all services. Our footprint gives us the advantage of local market knowledge for site development, allows our field crews to mobilize quickly, and allows us to provide rapid response to trouble tickets. Our relationships with carriers and OEMs allow us to work with other industry professionals to access sites and deploy equipment without unnecessary delays. Our services for wireless carriers include towerssmall cells,for small cell and DAS in the right of way, in building coverage and maintenance.


Operational Support Services (OSS)

Legacy Pointe also has an in-house team dedicated to Operational Support Services (OSS)

24/7 Support

EIM Tickets

Active Site Status and Alarms

Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Individual Market Report Distribution

Lock / Unlock

Check for VSWR, RSSI

Performance Verification (KPI) Support

Database Archive Site Visit History on Demand

Site Visit Access Log in and Departure Log out

Pre and Post Activity Health Check of Equipment

Tracking with Timestamp Event Log

Advanced Support 2G / 3G / 4G

Check of Site Alarms on demand

Troubleshooting Support

Check Site in the Verification Queue

Send Notification / Generate OIT Tickets for Performance or Alarm Related Issues

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