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we are experts at providing turnkey solutions or step in and remedy existing systems with specific enhancement needs. We use all major brands and models of traditional DAS equipment to integrate numerous nodes into the most complex environments. Some of the environments include stadiums, high rise offices, speedways, malls, City Pedestrian locations, Airports, and Resorts.

Our Turnkey DAS Design and Installation Services:

  • DAS Coverage Validation
  • Indoor Coverage Prediction Analysis
  • iBwave Designs
  • Indoor Bench-Marking (multi-carrier)
  • Indoor Data Collection
  • Site Survey
  • Fiber & Coaxial Installations
  • Optical Link Budget Assessment


Our professionals know how to implement a full array of equipment and testing gear. We are certified with SpiderCloud, and Whoop Small Cell Networks.

What we do:

  • System design
  • Site survey
  • Equipment provisioning
  • System implementation / optimization
  • Benchmark testing
  • Testing
  • Ongoing monitoring, maintenance and upgrades
  • Carrier coordination


The importance of the network in relation to the Internet of Things (IoT) cannot be overemphasized. Bandwdith, security, mobility, scalability are only but a few of the many concerns related to designing, establishing and managing multiple level networks. Also, much thought and care must be given to the interface between the wired and wireless components of the network, especially where mobile handheld devices are required to connect to the local and wide area network for real time results. Legacy Pointe can provide the turnkey solution needed in order build and turn over to the customer the network meeting your criteria or provide a hosted network solution as part of a much larger managed services suite.

What we offer;

  • Architect and implement Ethernet transport layer
  • Conduct network diagnostics and identify network bottlenecks or vulnerabilities
  • Assess facility, design and implement most effective WLAN solution
  • Provide layers of security with stand-alone appliances or in hosted environments
  • Real time monitor and manage all network elements

RF Services

Turnkey Engineering and Consulting Services:

  • Radio Frequency Prediction and Interference Analysis
  • Candidate Evaluations (SAMS)
  • Capacity & Traffic Modeling and Analysis
  • Macro Data Collection
  • Transmitter Test (CW)
  • ODAS and IDAS Prediction Analysis

Calculation and Field Measurements

  • Site Evaluation (towers, rooftops, in-building & COWs)
  • Predictive Modeling (Occupational & General)
  • Field Measurements
  • E. Stamp of Compliance
  • Zoning Hearings

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